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Brass Hinges

If you’re looking for a hinge in a brass finish to match your existing door hardware, choose from our extensive range of commercial butt hinges manufactured by Stanley Black & Decker. All of our butt hinges are suitable for a variety of applications, be it residential, commercial or industrial. The range covers standard and heavy weight butt hinges, as well as electric butt hinges, all of which are available in various finishes and can be furnished in different ways. We offer five or three knuckle butt hinges, arriving promptly with you on site packed with screws and all the relevant fixings.
For an alternative to the butt hinge, and in situations where a clean and uncluttered look is required, try a brass olive knuckle hinge. These hinges are unique and decorative; when the door is in the closed position, only the single knuckle remains visible. Olive knuckle hinges can be used on hollow metal or wood doors and frames, and are ideal for offices, restaurants and residential buildings. Stanley products are known for their durability and dependability, and at stanleyhinges.com we’ll help you find the right product for your needs at the best available price.
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