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Stanley Double Acting Pivot Set


Double Acting Pivot Set
Stanley Double Lipped Strike For 1/8" Inset Hung Doors


Double Lipped Strike For 1/8" Inset Hung Doors
Stanley Double Lipped Strike For Center Hung Doors


Double Lipped Strike For Center Hung Doors
Stanley Emergency Door Stop


Emergency Door Stop
Stanley Holdback for ES-1


Holdback for ES-1

For situations and applications where a door may need to be opened in both directions, our range of commercial hospital and emergency rescue hardware provides the ideal solution. In hospitals, nursing homes and other institutions where an ill patient may fall and potentially block the normal path of the door, trapping themselves in a room, emergency rescue hardware on the door can allow the door to open the other way, without damaging to the door frame.
We offer sets of double acting pivots, double lipped strikes, emergency door stops and holdbacks, in a range of finishes to complement existing door hardware. During standard use, a bathroom door may open inwards, for example, saving space, but if necessary can be adjusted to swing outwards to reach the person inside.
Our Stanley double acting pivot sets for emergency and hospital rescue applications comprise of a pivot, along with a header plate, top door plate, bottom jamb bracket and bottom door plate, and come with all the screws and fixings necessary for installation.

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